CV 2018

Artist Statement

‘Drawing and painting on a tiny scale, I am inspired by the detail, whimsy and geometric naturalism of both early Netherlandish and Indian Miniature painting.  I use a variety of media as point of departure, ranging from personal photography to elements of film.  Loosely narrative, my pieces reveal quiet, solitary moments as a sense of time or place is trapped and brought to stand still. Concerned with identity, memory and psychological phenomenon, my recent work symbolically explores these fixations.  While combing this awareness of being, time and of place, my works reflect everyday life, daydreams, and, finally, the fragility and the boundlessness of both humanity and the natural world alike.’


I live and work in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania, just outside of Philadelphia.  My husband, Hiro Sakaguchi, is also a painter and we both have studios here at our home.   We have a two year old daughter named Aya Lucy.  We regularly travel to Japan to visit and you might catch this influence in my work.

There is a comfort of home that appeals to me, and this can certainly be found in my paintings.  The dislocation, on the other hand, that comes from being in a foreign environment really drives my imagery and my inspiration.   Being on the outside, apart from my comforts, provokes a fresh perspective, unique to my work.

I am known for my small somewhat fantastical works in graphite and oil on paper and panel.  I play within the parallel lines of natural and man-made worlds.  Through my artworks I essentially paint a portrait of both existent and imagined spaces and the people and creatures who co-inhabit there.  While I do consider my works as portraits, I rarely include actual people in my pieces, I simply suggest them through their footprints and shadows.

I have shown widely in group and solo exhibitions nationally and my work can be found in both public and private collections.  I am an alumna of Moore College of Art & Design (BFA) and The Yale School of Painting, Norfolk.  Awarded fellowships include those from the Center for Emerging Visual Artists and the Fleisher Art Memorial, both in Philadelphia.  I have also twice received a residency fellowship from Soaring Gardens, an incredible and serene live and work space in northern Pennsylvania.  I am affiliated with Nancy Margolis Gallery in New York City and have recent works available there (inquire here for details).